“Boys Don’t Cry”

“Boys Don’t Cry”


Jumping Someone Else’s Train-Grinding Halt (Myspace Secret Shows (12-13-2008)
Killing An Arab
Fire in Cairo (Dark Side Extended Version)
Three Imaginary Boys (Essen – Grugahalle, Germany)


Three Imaginary Boys is the debut album by the Cure, released on 8 May, 1979 by record label Fiction. It was later released in the United States and Australia with a different song track list as Boys Don’t Cry.

The record company decided which songs were put on the album, as well as the cover artwork, without Robert Smith‘s consent. For all Cure albums since, Smith has ensured he is given complete creative control over the final product before it goes on sale. The “Foxy Lady” soundcheck, with vocals sung by Michael Dempsey, was not supposed to be on the album, and was removed for the American release. Smith has stated that “songs like ‘Object’ and ‘World War’ and our cover of ‘Foxy Lady’ were [Chris Parry’s] choice”.

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