Japanese Whispers



THE CURE – Japanese Whispers: The Singles Nov 82-Nov 83

“Let’s Go to Bed” – 3:34
“The Dream”  – 3:13
“Just One Kiss” – 4:09
“The Upstairs Room” – 3:31
“The Walk” – 3:30
“Speak My Language” – 2:41
“Lament”  – 4:20
“The Love Cats”  – 3:40

Japanese Whispers: The Cure is a singles album released in late 1983 by their record company, Fiction Records. It includes the singles “Let’s Go to Bed”, “The Walk” and “The Lovecats”. Two other tracks are the B-sides of these singles, including “Lament”.

The songs were recorded when the band was in a transitional phase after bassist Simon Gallup left following a tour to promote the previous album, Pornography. Beginning with these singles, Lol Tolhurst switched from drums to keyboards.

For the tracks from the “Let’s Go to Bed” and “The Walk” singles, the Cure was a duo consisting of Tolhurst and Robert Smith, with the addition of a session drummer for the tracks from “Let’s Go to Bed”. For “The Lovecats” single, a full band was assembled with the addition of bassist/producer Phil Thornalley, who had worked with the band on Pornography, and drummer Andy Anderson.

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